• 90 organizations and 250+ individuals sign open letter against WWF-ShAD: Organizations working on diverse range of fields — human rights, mangrove restoration, labour rights, marine and coastal conservation, climate change mitigation and indigenous peoples rights — signed an Open Letter to the WWF-ShAD Steering Committee. The letter pointed out the many systemic flaws in WWF’s attempt to launch a certification scheme for farmed tropical shrimp. WWF has not responded to the letter. Open Letter to ShAD
  • International NGO Network Opposes WWF’s Decision To Form Aquaculture Stewardship Council — Press Release: NGOs express deep concern over latest certification initiative based upon years of collective experience in working to counter the negative effects of the shrimp aquaculture industry and severely flawed existing certification processes. Press Release opposing ASC
  • Lampung Declaration: Participants from 17 countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe came together to discuss and plan an awareness campaign in the North. They issued a strong statement — The Lampung Declaration — against the shrimp industry. This document is in the PDF format. Lampung Declaration, Lampung Declaration Signatures
  • Pondok Gede Declaration: Participants at the Indonesia People’s conference release a strong statement about aquaculture and marine ecosystems. The document is in the MS-WORD format.
  • ASIA brochure: A brochure on ASIA’s activities was distributed at the ADB-AGM in Kyoto in 2007. The brochure details our position statement, goals and our unambiguous stand against certification. The document is in the PDF format.
  • Bangkok Declaration: A significant number of participants at a meeting organized by NOVIB, IUCN-NL and EJF in Bangkok, in 2006, issued a joint statement expressing their concerns regarding certification and their stand on the issue. ASIA invites your comments and endosement of the Bangkok Declaration.The document is in the PDF format. Bangkok Declaration